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Website Design Service — Why Hire A Professional Company?

By November 12, 2012August 12th, 2021Uncategorized
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Why should you hire a professional company for your website design? There are a lot of compelling reasons why you should do so. Here are just a few:

1. Project The Right Image

Would you let your 12 year old son (I know he’s a genius) handle the production of your company’s TV commercial? I can say without fear of contradiction that you wouldn’t. This is because you want to project the right image for your business. You want to be seen as professionals who know what they are doing.

How would you respond to a business proposal from a company that sends out shabby dressed representatives? Your website is the face of your business online. People won’t expect anything better from you if it looks unprofessional. Therefore, it is important that you do NOT shoot yourself in the leg by opting for cheap unprofessional solutions. Remember, you are running a serious business here (And that’s what you want to communicate to your readers).

I know some people might have told you that there are great templates out there – That all you need to do is just add your content. But what would that say of your business when it shares the same template with a million other sites? You want a design that is all yours. You want to stand out, don’t you? Then you can’t go for those.

2. Increase Conversions

How do people feel when they get to your site? Is it be easy for them to navigate through the different pages? Can they find what they want very easily? Getting each of these factors right is critical if you want to enjoy a high conversion rate. A professional website design company won’t just give you a good looking site; they will also ensure that it is user-friendly.

Do you know that a great design and the right use of graphics can steer your visitors in the right direction? A good web design company will lead your audience from one part of your page to another until they get to your most wanted response. Yes, it sounds quite easy on paper but involves a combination of skills if it is to be executed well.

3. Give Them What They Need

Specialized sites require special functionalities in order to deliver better visitor experience. Look at a site like Amazon: Something as simple as “visitors who bought this also bought…” makes for a better user experience (and increases conversions).

However, do you know how to create the code that makes it work so easily? It is often true that the easier it is for the user, the more complex the code that produces it. A professional web design company has skilled coders who can either adapt existing codes to give your visitors a better experience or write new ones from scratch. The important thing is that you’ll be able to give your visitors exactly what they need.

4. Leverage Other People’s Experience

There are a lot of different choices that have to be made in a good design process. The more experienced the designer involved, the better the choices he or she would make. But how about taking advantage of the combined experience of a team of skilled website designers? These designers have seen it all in hundreds of design jobs and they are NOT just learning the ropes with your project. You can be sure they’ll know if there’s something that will distort your website in a particular browser, have a negative impact on your site in search engines or affect user experience negatively. That’s one big benefit you stand to enjoy by hiring a professional design company.

5. Enjoy Greater Visibility

A great web design will attract attention just for that. However, no professional website designer worthy of the name would consider the work done if they do NOT take certain steps to make sure your site is properly optimized for the search engines. For example, they’ll handle images in such a way that they don’t slow down your pages. It is a fact that fast-loading pages are favored by search engines. They’ll also ensure that your users are engaged in such a way that your bounce rates are as low as possible. I know some experts might want to tell you that it’s all about the quality of content you deliver. However, the way your content is delivered to the visitor would determine how they respond to a very large extent.

A professional website design company will ensure that your message is presented in way that it engages your audience. This will, in turn, affect your search engine ranking for good — That’s greater visibility.

6. Focus On What You Do Best

It is true that you can invest some time to learn website designing and do everything by yourself. However, it would mean leaving things you already do very well in order to acquire a new skill (And you’ll be just a beginner after investing many hours). It doesn’t really make much sense for you to leave what you know best for what you know little or nothing about.

But let us just assume you insist on doing it all by yourself: You’ll end up with an average website at best. You simply can’t buy experience by reading through a number of tutorials. It is something you gain by doing the work over many years. But the most painful part is that the important aspects of your core business would have suffered from neglect while you were trying to do it all by yourself.

But what if you give the task to one of your employees? Well, for starters, such an employee would have to leave what they were employed for primarily. Furthermore, they’ll still NOT deliver the same quality of work you will get from a team of designers who do this every day as their job.

7. Save Money

How much is your executive time worth? Would it be worth it for you to spend 50 hours or so to learn just the basics of website design (Yes, that length of time would get you through the basics only)? Let’s look at real numbers here…

Assuming your hourly rate is $120/hour, you would have spent $6,000 worth of your time trying to acquire the necessary skills. Add the time you will actually spend setting things up and it could rise to well over $7k. Furthermore, consider lost revenue due to poor user experience on your site, lost search engine rankings and poorer conversions. What would all these mean to your bottom line?

Do the smart thing; save money by allowing professionals to do what they do best while you concentrate on what you do best.

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