Broadband Internet access has become more popular in recent years which means faster connection and real-time interactivity. This gives way for rich media to step in and enhance web sites and other online applications: the result – endless possibilities.

Assorted Design offers complete audio and video streaming solutions for your site to compete in the ever changing world of the internet: boosting your marketability and the way you communicate with your audience.

Here are just some examples of video applications:
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Sales Presentations
  • Employee Training
  • Live Event Broadcasting
  • Event Archival For Later Playback
  • Corporate Board Meetings

While web hosting can support video and audio files using a technology known as progressive download, the large size of these files can result in long download times. The Assorted Design’ Media Streaming Service takes advantage of some of the most advanced technologies to bring your users the best experience possible while you retain complete control over the video file itself.

Videos viewed using true streaming technology start playing almost instantly. Additionally, viewers can jump ahead to any part of the clip at any point instantly with no wait time. The Assorted Design’ Media Streaming Service is simply priced, based on the number of minutes of video and/or audio streamed per month. Unlimited concurrent downloads are possible with our technology putting no restriction on the number of users viewing individual files at a time. We can prepare virtually any DVD, CD or file for web streaming. Live event streaming is also available with our software.

Assorted Design can handle all of your video streaming and video conversion needs. Our expert staff can convert all of your audio and video files to digital streaming at very competitive rates. With our large bandwidth connections, we can offer high quality video streaming at a very competitive rates. You only pay for the bandwidth you need.