In order to build a positive web presence and combat potential bad press that can harm the reputation of your business, you need to have a credible reputation management and repair plan in place. Most of the bad press, false or not, appears on sites that allow anonymous individuals to report perceived scams without ever having to verify if they were indeed customers or fake. The result often turns out to be ripped off reports appearing higher on a web search than the company’s official website, leading to your potential pool of customers heading out the door to visit other service providers.

There is a way to combat the reputation damage caused by scam informer, arrest record, and very often court record sites. The Assorted Design method is to engage in a multifaceted approach toward positive content creation and flooding the web with information that builds credibility.

Positive Press

It is imperative to decide which of the keyword phrases associated with the account are approached as the “first wave” of “cleaning” and “creating” on the internet.

The strategy must include taking stock of any and all names associated with the business. Our goal is to publish two articles on an internal blog and one press release on a professional press release site every week.

Better Business Bureau

The marketing team must first verify if your business is accredited with the Better Business Bureau. If your business is not accredited, we determine if there is an open business listing with any outstanding complaint adversely affecting the pursuit of your BBB accreditation. The marketing team will then present all Better Business Bureau options to you and a final action plan will be prepared with your recommendation.

Social Media

In a “perfect world,” social media management would just be a matter of maintaining a simple Facebook business page with a single post made each week. In reality, your business must be on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube to make a dent with the top search engines. Our goal is to create one or two posts daily for our clients on each social media site, except YouTube. The number of posts often seem excessive to businesses who are new to social media but one must remember that it is possible for a customer to file a complaint on a social media platform that your business has decided to forgo. It is our job to control consumer discussion. We propose that at least a few members of your staff participate in the social media strategies implemented by us and our joint efforts will equate to viral success.