Is Your Website Accessible and ADA Compliant?

If you are not sure, you need to speak with an Assorted Design ADA compliance professional. The ADA compliance specialist will offer to review your website’s current ADA compliance with existing guidelines. Your business needs simple solutions to ensure easy access to your website by people with disabilities.

ADA Compliance and Your Website

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a U.S. law put in place to protect the rights of individuals with disabilities. The ADA protects their right to hold a job, access to public services, public accommodations and access to websites.

Tampa businesses are now targets for expensive legal actions.


How Do People Who Have Disabilities Use My Website and Technology?

It is okay if you do not know how a person with impaired vision surfs the web. The process can be as simple as the implementation of assistive technology to bridge the gap between the abilities of the user and the content they would like to access.

The VoiceOver screen program reader provides audio feedback to help read written content and navigate.

What Makes My Website ADA Compliant and Accessible?

For a website to achieve ADA compliance, it can be used by a:

  • Vision impaired person using software that can read website and website navigation our loud
  • Hearing impaired individual who relies on website video captions
  • Person prone to hand tremors who uses software operated by voice command.


The ADA and Web Accessibility

Speak to us if you are concerned that your website is not ADA compliant. We have experience building websites that are ADA compliant. The DOJ stated that ADA compliance includes websites. The findings include websites that offer services, public accommodations and other functions that are included in the ADA.

Why Should My Business Invest In Making Our Website ADA Compliant?
  • Compliance minimizes legal risk
  • It increases who can learn about your brand
  • ADA compliance helps you make more sales
  • Helping people is the right thing to do
  • Improved accessibility improves the user experience

Let us help you make your website ADA compliant!

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