The need to conduct business on the web is exploding in 2020.

There are brand new web stores, popular brands, and innovative products that are popping up each day. And every day we hear about a brand making its mark and disrupting competition that is unwilling to explore social media marketing.

The fantastic part about this is that more people are being provided access to the products that they need. Niche and rural populations can now be reached with products that would have never previously had the economic viability to reach such areas.

The possibility of reaching new markets with a lean & mean social media marketing approach, has afforded us increasingly boundless opportunities to launch stores into the digital, hone a digital approach, and bring products to new customers. These new products drive more and better options for consumers—compared to the ones sitting in stores that are less appealing in 2020. The best way to look at it is that brick and mortar stores now stand a chance to survive in what has quickly become a hostile marketplace, they can now expand their reach and visibility of what they have to offer.

Retailers now need to constantly keep an eye on the channels like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok and the strategies for each platform, lest they risk being edged out on ever-changing platforms where trends, brand, and reputation can change in a heartbeat.

We know what is working now, and we can keep you ahead of the social media marketing curve.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

The action of managing social media assets and social media marketing is more than monitoring ads and posting content. Here are Assorted Design, we are a we are a beginning to end social media marketing team and we will handle all matters associated with your social media. Here is a snapshot of how we can help your company leverage social media:

Management of Social Media

The social media professionals on our team will maintain and manage of the social media accounts you possess across any popular social media platforms. Through the use of our proven strategic thinking and tactics, and using our management tools, we can help you learn more about the audience you want to target, share engaging materials that your audience is looking for and quite a bit more.

Lead Generation Using Social Media

A key benefit of social media marketing is that it can result in generation of new leads or allow re-targeting to old leads. No matter what the case may be, with Assorted Design, we can help your company use social media marketing to identify new customers and create a new audience that will return to you.

Increasing Brand Awareness With Social Media

Social media offers an opportunity to increase or establish brand awareness. This means that new and old businesses, leveraging social media, can communicate to customers the precise message that you want to share. As an example, what does your company stand for? What is the mission of your company? Does your company have goals in mind for the next 2, 5 or 10 years? Together, we can develop content that will illustrate to customers who you are.

Creating a Loyal Base of Customers

Earlier we mentioned that Assorted Design is great at generating leads through social media platforms. Through the attraction of new customers, we can start to nurture them into becoming a regular customer. How do we accomplish this task, you ask? It requires cool creative content, communication with the customer base over social media accounts and sharing the information that interests them. With our social media professionals helping your team, you will not have to concern yourself with any of this. We will handle it, and you can make operations your focus.

Search Engine Optimization

While it is true that social media does not have a direct impact on the on-pace SEO for your website, it definitely does impact off-page aspects of the SEO. Social media marketing can bring in new organic traffic, boost traffic that is attributed to social and make the site an overall stronger authority in the industry. Add all of this together and the result is a website that ranks much better.

Identifying The Right Social Media Platforms

New clients who do not have a social media footprint will talk directly with our social media marketing and social media management specialists to determine specific objectives and future goals. This information will allow us to better assist with the establishment of social media accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. The specialists on our social media team will also advise if you should consider deleting any social media accounts.

Launching a Social Media Marketing Ad Campaign

When you sign up to utilize our social media advertising service, the social media marketing professionals on our team will meet with you in-person or via a Zoom call to discuss specific advertising goals and objectives. Once we are able to align potential goals and all objectives with the type of ad and platform that is the ideal fit, we can propose an advertising budget for the ad campaign and then launch the promotion. Each day our team of social media professionals consistently reviews the advertisement to make sure that the ad is performing well. Once a week, you will be provided a report so that you can see how the campaign is going and discuss any questions and concerns.

Website Design and Development

Each website needs to be unique and representative of the interests of your target customer while being simple to navigate. The team from Assorted Design can create a website that leverages the latest WordPress technology and we always sit down with you in your Tampa Bay office to discuss your goals, review your existing website and help you establish a plan that will result in more leads.

Professional Tampa Content Writing

No matter if you need someone who can regularly write social media marketing posts or someone who can create a blog post to share on your website, the professional content writers from Assorted Design can consistently provide you with one of a kind content, employing well-practiced SEO techniques and your main keywords while remaining engaging.

Make Contact With Assorted Design — The Answer to Your Social Marketing Needs

No matter if you need to increase profits, appeal to a different audience or increase the number of people visiting a physical store, social media marketing can be your best asset.

With the Assorted Design team of social media marketers, together, we will help your company solidify its place at the top of your industry.

Call us today to discuss your business and one of a kind social media marketing solutions! Call 1-800-975-6577.