Illustration is a great service to use when you need something highly customized for your project. It’s generally used to tell a story or deliver a concept without the need for words, but can also be used to create supplemental elements for your brand such as backgrounds, patterns, and decoration. Illustration can help you stand out from the crowd in a distinctive way, forging a unique personality for your brand.

Can’t find the right photography for your campaign? Need a character or mascot designed for your brand or event? Does your project require hand-drawn elements for a more “human touch”? Our Digital Illustration services can help fulfill your unique vision!

Use Illustration When:
  • You want to express something abstract
  • Photography won’t make the right impact / The subject is too ambitious or complicated to photograph
  • You want to tell a story (especially with animation!)
  • You have data to visualize
  • Your business needs a specialized, stylistic approach to marketing
Types of Illustration we offer:
  • Illustrated Logo
  • Brand Illustration Systems (Brand Identity using illustrated elements/scenes to use alongside logo, fonts, color)
  • Full Frame Illustration (A one-off fully illustrated page)
  • Spot Illustrations (small, one-off, usually supplemental)
  • Character or Mascot design
  • Hand Lettering/ Custom Alphabet
  • Custom Icon Sets
Our Illustration Process:
    1. Brief: Tell us your story/concept. Why are you looking to use illustration? What are your project goals? What style have you seen that you are looking to recreate? Provide reference photos if you can. Are there any colors particular to your brand or concept we should use? Is there a limitation to the number of colors we should use?
    2. Sketch: We will provide up to 3 sketches with different options based on your concept. Depending on the style, these may be rough sketches that you will pick from to determine the final direction you’d like us to go in.
    3. Line Work/“Inking”: We use your favorite option from the sketch phase and make any major changes during this time, working toward a final with clean line work.
    4. Color+Texture: Once the final line work is approved, if needed, we add color and texture to the drawing.
    5. Final: Once a final drawing has been determined, we provide the illustration to you in whatever format you need for your project.