As a business owner, you need to be competitive in the tech savvy marketplace. A robust and functional website can serve as the foundation of your business, differentiating your value proposition from other websites floating around the internet. For most business owners, there are two scenarios when it comes to websites. The first scenario is that not enough time or money has been invested on the website. The second scenario is that the business has an underdeveloped or underperforming website. Whether the former or the latter, the solution to your website problems is WordPress.

Here are 6 reasons why WordPress is right for your business:

  1. WordPress is easy and inexpensive – If you are reading this right now, you have everything you need to set up a WordPress site. Not only is it easy to start a WordPress site, it is relatively inexpensive too. There are no licensing fees, affordable hosting options, and free themes and plugins; features that save you a significant amount over time.
  2. WordPress is popular – WordPress is one of the most trusted full-service website content management systems in the world. WordPress owns 50-60% of the global CMS market share, with 27% of the websites on the internet hosted by this powerhouse. Furthermore, WordPress is not only for the small business owner, 14.7% of the world’s top websites are powered by this service. Such ubiquity means the platform has deep support for any issues that may arise with a website.
  3. WordPress is versatile – Have you ever seen a cool functionality on a website and wished you could add it to your site? The great thing about WordPress is versatility especially when it comes to plugins and themes. Plugins are individual pieces of software that add specific functionality to your website. WordPress offers a myriad of plugins to download and make your site act, look, and feel exactly like you want it, from a blog to a news aggregate site.
  4. WordPress is open source – The leading CMS platform is open source which means that it’s not proprietary. You have complete control and ownership of the data down to your hosting provider. In the instance that you want to switch hosting providers, you will keep all of your content unlike on proprietary CMS.
  5. WordPress has a community – WordPress has a multitude of users that have grown a deep and generous community around the platform. Whether a question on the WordPress forum or attending Word Camp events around the world, WordPress is extremely user-friendly. The best part? You don’t need to hire a coder to update your site, many of WordPress functionalities are intuitive and easy to grasp.
  6. WordPress is SEO and mobile friendly – The notion that WordPress is for blog hosting is outdated, many websites rely on the platform to solve a ton of SEO issues. What is even more exciting is that WordPress is mobile-friendly. You can access the WordPress dashboard from a PC or mobile screen and so can your customers.

There are many features that make WordPress, the right choice for your business’ website. From the versatile functionality of plugins to the popularity of the platform, it is a platform that is evolving with the needs of its customers. Contact Assorted Design today to find out why WordPress is the most trusted website software for your business.