Transparency.  Transparency can be defined as an organization being upfront and visible about the actions it takes.

Assorted Design is a company that is honest, hard-working, and transparent with all of its clients. Typically, a company’s core value is performance. Although that is essential to be a successful business, Assorted Design’s core value is transparency.

What does transparency mean to us? Well, it’s all about being honest, candid, and straightforward. Assorted Design believes in articulating the best way to market your brand and company. We are always kind and polite but believe that being truthful and forthright will create the best business for you.

With transparency, comes a learning and teaching world. It’s essential to Assorted Design that we teach our clients about what they’re doing and how they’re improving their company. We don’t want to do all of the work for you, we want you to gain knowledge and we want to demonstrate how we are working with your brand.

Communication is essential when it comes to transparency and how Assorted Design wants to work with you. Communication brings strong relationships and the best quality work for clients.

As I write this blog, I think it’s important you know that I am an intern working for Assorted Design. I am a junior in college and have had the best possible experience. It has been all about transparency with Assorted Design. I have learned, experienced and now have the authority to write this blog because of how honest and resourceful the team at assorted Design has been.

Beyond honesty, having transparency is ethical when it comes to strong relationships with clients. Sometimes, Transparency can be difficult for companies when they face adversity, but it is crucial for fostering an ethical culture.

Being Transparent at Assorted Design has improved trust, boosted engagement, built a culture, and created strong ties with all of their clients. Assorted Design is a place you can trust and learn from, we care about you are your company.

In the public domain, we are all well aware of how social media works and the benefits to it. It’s hard to remember what it’s like not having a phone or 3 different social media accounts.

Even though social media is a way to connect with old friends and family, and to see what’s going on in the world, Instagram has become more than just a social platform. It’s all about business and Instagram marketing.

Businesses today are using social media to reach audiences and to promote their brand. But how important is Instagram marketing and what can it do?

  1. Brand Visibility

We know social media is popular, but did you know there are 112.5 million users on Instagram as of 2020? By building your brand through Instagram, it gives people the opportunity to engage and see your company. Especially through Instagram promotions, you can create an ad for your posts to get more visibility beyond just your followers.

  1. Visual Marketing

Instagram is all pictures and videos, creating a visual-based app. There are many marketing and advertising strategies and techniques that can build a brand. Using these techniques and bringing them to Instagram for your company is the most effective way to help target the right audience. A picture is worth a thousand words they say, and this is why Instagram is so effective for companies.

  1. Targets Audiences

Instagram gives you the opportunity to reach the audiences you need for your brand or company. This social platform gives you the chance to be authentic and develop your brand exactly how you want it. With the use of Instagram stories, you can add value to your brand and show consumers how genuine and helpful your brand is.


It’s no secret Instagram is a popular domain, that’s why using Instagram Marketing is the best way to promote. It’s an influential app that helps brands develop their content and reach their audiences. Social media will continue to evolve and using these apps to your advantage will you give the greatest success for your company.

Now, go turn your Instagram account to a business profile and get your brand rolling.

After looking over important factors that are crucial to making top-performing content for the internet, we have created an example of a high-quality blog post. This content could greatly optimize your blog in the search engine results pages.

In certain cases, articles written like this brought success for the client. Instead of paying to target one keyword phrase through AdWords, you can create content yourself that can bring inbound traffic each month. Businesses can even obtain new clients and jobs from content that is top quality. We love it when content marketing works!

Here is an example of good, high-quality content that can bring good results. Study it to see how it can assist you in creating a plan to climb to the top of search engine results.

The Options Medical Weight Loss weight loss clinic in Chandler, AZ is the top weight loss center for the residents of Chandler, AZ and the neighboring community of Chandler, AZ. This medical weight loss center is the ideal answer for anyone living in Chandler, AZ who has ever asked Google in a web search to make a recommendation for a well-reviewed “weight loss center near me.” Located in Gilbert, AZ within a short drive of Tempe, AZ and Mesa, AZ.

Our Chandler, Arizona medical supervised weight loss center is the only clinic in the area of both Chandler, AZ and Chandler, AZ that offers FDA-approved appetite suppressants which are always prescribed by an Arizona weight loss doctor.

The prescription weight loss medications that the FDA classifies as appetite suppressants act upon the central nervous system of the body. The medication basically tricks the body into believing that it is no longer hungry. These Arizona weight loss doctor prescribed medications are typically found in tablet form or caplets that allow an extended-release into the bloodstream. All appetite suppressants available from the weight loss doctors at Options Medical Weight Loss are Arizona weight loss doctor prescribed.

The appetite suppressants offered by the Chandler, AZ Options Medical Weight Loss include:

  • Phentermine to promote weight loss
  • Phendimetrazine to decrease your appetite
  • Diethylpropion to treat obesity.

In addition to the mentioned FDA approved appetite suppressants available to our weight loss patients in Chandler, Arizona, our on-site weight loss doctor can prescribe:

  • the HCG diet for weight loss
  • HCG injections
  • Lipotropic injections
  • B12 injections
  • coun
  • Options Diet System plans meals
  • supplements

Potential weight loss patients who live near Chandler, AZ who want to participate in a flexible weight loss program that is medically supervised should consider scheduling an appointment to talk to our weight loss doctor.

No matter which medically supervised weight loss diet plan you choose, you will meet with a counselor at our Chandler, AZ weight loss center to decide which weight loss option is the best fit for you and the way you live. The medically supervised weight loss plans offered by our Chandler, AZ weight loss doctor are best choice for any person who wants to achieve weight loss goals in a way that will positively impact his or her daily life.

Each potential Chandler, AZ weight loss patient is offered a free consultation with our Arizona weight loss doctor to help customize your weight loss program. Call now to start your weight loss journey.

After recent lawsuits against Domino’s Pizza, Winn-Dixie, and Beyoncé have shown America that the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) applies to websites and other digital platforms. It used to only apply to physical locations, but with the rise of the digital age our policies must evolve and grow with technology. This means businesses need to work to make sure their presence on the internet is as considerate to those with disabilities as they are in a building or office. Accommodations for the blind or hard of hearing are necessary, but how exactly can you make these accommodations on a digital platform?

Definitive regulations for website accessibility are still in development, but there are still a few agreed-upon measures that your business can take to fit the needs of the ADA.

Now before we jump head first into tools and regulations, it’s important to first understand what websites require these accommodations. There’s two sections of the ADA where you can find the answer to this question, title I and title III. Title I describes businesses that operate for 20 weeks or more out of the year, and that have 15 or more full-time employees on their staff. Title III describes businesses that provide “public services” like hotels, banks, and public transportation.

The next step is finding a source where regulations are listed. Unfortunately there aren’t any guidelines due to the ADA website compliance being a new development. This can make the process of evolving your website very frustrating. Not to worry, there are still some actions you can take to make your website more accessible. Not only does it expand the opportunity for more customers, but it also shows the effort your business is making to follow the ADA guidelines.

So what are some measures you can take to make your website ADA friendly? First off you can organize your website to be consistent. Make all buttons, widgets, menus, and links easy to find and access in order to ensure that your website isn’t hard to navigate. Making your fonts bold and clear to read will also help potential customers navigate your website. You will also want to pay close attention to the header code. Numerous text readers use the headers to determine what language the website is written in. By using numerous header “tiers” assists the reader through the page’s content. You can also provide transcripts for audio and video content so a user who is hard of hearing can read what is being said in the audio of the video clip.

Making sure all your documents are text reader accessible can also be a measure you can take to ensure that your documents are easy to read.

A final advantage you can give is by making sure your website offers alternate options if there is an input error. Many users with disabilities can encounter a lot of issues navigating. So by giving them alternative “routes” for them to navigate can make sure they get the information they need.

So what will happen if your business doesn’t follow these steps? Well without an ADA compliant website, this leaves your business exposed for lawsuits. You can’t just hope to fly under the radar and escape lawsuits. Attorneys are constantly on the hunt for non-compliant businesses both physically and digitally. Not only will you spend thousands of dollars in an effort to bring your website to their standards, but you’ll also have to pay the attorney fees.

In addition to making your business vulnerable to lawsuits, you also create a barrier between your business and potential clients. Having an ADA compliant website boosts your clientele and well as bumps you above potential competitor’s websites.

ADA Website Compliance and My Business

As companies worldwide work quickly to bring their websites into compliance with the WCAG, the focus has shifted to existing accessibility regulations. The ADA in the United States is one such example of a visible and complicated piece of legislation. The best way to explain is to shed some light on the ins and outs of what it takes to operate an ADA compliant website in 2020. Or, if you prefer to take a deep dive into the gritty details of any accessibility issues on your site, you can request a free ADA website audit report from Assorted Design.

Website compliance with the ADA

The ADA does not expressly state that a website must maintain ADA compliance, event after amendments were made to it in 2008. Though, Title III of the ADA requires that a place of public accommodation allow easy access to people who meet the standards of the ADA for disability. With individuals increasingly making online purchases, one might make the assumption that this idea then must be extended to a website. However, from a purely legal perspective, there is an ocean of grey area. This means the courts are typically responsible for determining how the standards set forth in the ADA apply to a website, or if they apply at all.

There has been court rulings around the United States that commercial websites are indeed places of public accommodation and, due to this fact, they are subject to ADA guidelines. In other cases, the courts have concluded that a website is bound by regulations if a close physical proximity exists between the site and a brick and mortar location. With no clear federal rules, it has been difficult to make a clear line in the sand about whether a website is governed by the accessibility rules in the ADA.

While the impact of ADA regulations online is likely to remain unclear for the immediate future, there is no question that more cases regarding equal digital access will continue to be filed. In lieu of waiting for clear national guidelines, choosing to act proactively is the recommended approach for most organizations. Taking action early is the best way to try to avoid an accessibility lawsuit and any potentially negative publicity. Contact Assorted Design today to learn more about your current level of ADA compliance, and be sure to ask how we can help you achieve compliance.


Four Digital Marketing Ideas For Rent To Own Companies

The use of digital marketing for your rent to own store is vital. However, many rent to own retailers discover that they are intimidated by digital marketing ideas because there are so many different ways to approach the process and a number of parts that are always in motion. Marketing on the web does not need to be an impediment in the road, no matter how big or small you consider your rent to own operation. Here are several effective ways to boost your online marketing.


The majority of people who make a purchase in-store will first research a retail store online. This means that it is vital that your site looks good, is optimized and is user-friendly to people on mobile devices as well as laptop users. If you have a website that is a little on the old side or one that lacks easy functionality, you will want to consider a facelift. The website update can and should include:

  • New colors
  • Intuitive design
  • Updated and optimized product photos.

The key goal in any rent to own website redesign needs to include ripping the core apart to determine which factors will improve the user experience.


The right marketing strategy for a rent to own retailer needs to cover each base. The plan can leave no path unconsidered. To build a digital marketing plan that is comprehensive, you must talk to professionals who can step back and look at your organization with an objective eye.


One important factor in rent to own marketing is determining where you can find potential customers and engaging these people on this digital platform. You need to talk to them instead of getting them to search for you, because, on their own, they will not.


When your rent to own digital marketing efforts start to work, it is incredibly important that your in-store team understands how to get an agreement in place. The digital leads we help generate only matter to you if they are converted to sales. This means you will need to provide your sales specialists with appropriate training to help new customers through the buying journey. Please do keep in mind that this might require written materials, practice conducting demonstrations and side-by-side digital comparisons. Talk to all team members to determine what they need in-store to make the sale.


Creating a web-based brand image, getting your core values out on the web and training in-store staff is the start and will improve the number of leads and lead quality. However, marketing is a process that never ends and it needs to be refined frequently. The only problem is that you need to keep on the forefront of ideas that will improve the digital presence and lead quality for your rent to own agency. We can help you chart your digital future!