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Crypto Might Be Blasting – Hosting Centers Are Actually Attempting To Make Mining Work

By September 23, 2021October 20th, 2021Uncategorized

Everyone is getting into cryptocurrency these days. The market still shows signs of being young, exciting, and sometimes risky. However, Crypto mining is still a very profitable business!

Data centers are taking on the challenge of exploring this digital currency world. Crypto mining takes a lot of power and a lot of knowledge of Bitcoin, Etherum, and more. That is where server experts come into play for a lot of these hosting companies.

According to the CEO of, Russell Bruno, there is always a sense of fear in the things that those in the digital world don’t understand. “I think for most data center operators, this is really foreign to them, in terms of how mining operations work, and they’re initially just scared about it,” states Bruno, who has been in the Internet industry for over two decades. His Tampa-based hosting company provides everything from hosting to dedicated cryptocurrency mining. His idea of the future resonates in his outlook for the world digital currency mining, as he believes “this marriage is going to take some time, and our industry is going to have to take the time to explain how we work and help people think outside their current box, because right now there’s an opportunity and people are leaving money on the table.”

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