Your website is the business card for your business. While it may have been state-of-the-art when it was built, website technology is constantly evolving and improving to meet more sophisticated consumer demands. Whether a lack of mobile functionality or outdated design, is it time to ask your business, the ultimate marketing question, “Is my website out-of-date?”.

Here are 5 signs that its time to embrace the rapid pace of website evolution and give your website a makeover for 2019:

  1. Your Website lacks Mobile Functionality- According to Small Business Marketing Digital Statistics, 94% of small businesses will have a mobile optimized website by 2019. If your website lacks mobile functionality, you are losing an enormous number of users who have migrated from computer screens to smartphones. While, your website might show up on a smartphone in the original format, it is the mobile presentation that matters. Is it actually usable on mobile? Do the forms work? Is the text readable on smaller screen? If you can’t answer or do not know the answer to any of these questions, it’s time to call an experienced website design company and step into the future of consumer behavior.
  2. Your Website has Poor User Experience- User experience is a crucial part of a website that delivers results. If your outdated website is too confusing to navigate or has features that don’t work, it can frustrate the user and “bounce” them from the website. In order, to avoid losing profitable website traffic, make sure your website is easy to navigate and that users can take action in a matter of minutes.
  3. Your Website is Slow- In the ether of the internet, time is money. While, your website might have loaded quickly when it was first built, outdated features and complicated, old design may significantly slow it down. According to a marketing survey, 53% of online users will leave a website that takes longer than 2 seconds to load. 2 seconds, that’s all you have to make a first impression with your website.
  4. Your Website has lost its Appeal- Internet consumers like websites that are attractive and visually appealing. Website design trends evolve every 2-3 years with new design layouts and modern themes that are meant to entice the user. Chances are if your website is a few years old, it is due for a makeover that would have a substantial return on investment.
  5. Your Website has poor SEO- An updated website is a dream come true for SEO rankings. It has fresh, organized content full of keywords that is relevant and searchable. It appears in the top results of search. It has a blog that drives traffic. If that doesn’t describe your website’s SEO, chances are its time to go from old school to way cool with your website’s capabilities.

A modern, sleek updated website is no longer an option for most businesses but a requirement. There are tell tale signs that your website is in need of an upgrade such as slow loading time, poor SEO ranking, and a lack of mobile functionality. A seasoned website design company, like Assorted Design can change your business with the performance and design of a website that is thoroughly modern.