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It’s Time to Redesign your Website!

By March 22, 2021August 12th, 2021Blog, Uncategorized
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The display of your website is crucial for your business. In fact, 94% of your first impressions are design-related. Maybe it’s time for a redesign.

If you are unsure if your website needs an update, check out these 5  signs for a makeover of your website.

1. It Looks Outdated

This may seem obvious, but have you checked if your website is up to date on current trends? Your display and look do matter to first-time viewers. Keep your website modern, Assorted Design can help you with that!


2. Your Website isn’t User Friendly

This is critical for your website. If your website is hard to use, then people aren’t going to interact with your business. Your website should solely focus on engaging your clients, this will give them a great experience and have them return.

3. Your Website isn’t Mobile Adaptive

We live in a day and age of tablets and smartphones. Your website needs to be viewable from multiple kinds of screens. The mobile screen is becoming more popular, a survey says 54.46% are using a mobile while the desktop is only 42.63%. Make sure you are mobile-friendly!

4. Making Updates is Difficult

If making changes to your website is hard, then it’s time to redesign your site. All of your staff should be able to update and add information to your site. There should be no struggles when adding a blog or even social media. Let’s get it updated!

5. Your Site is Over 5 Years Old

This number is tentative, but technology is constantly advancing. Keeping your website up to current trends can give you the best results! Google is constantly reranking websites, so make sure yours is the first to pop up. A redesign can rank you higher and bring in more traffic.

Luckily for you, Assorted Design is the perfect helper to advance your website. With great customer service and strong knowledge, Assorted Design is here to help you.

Don’t make the mistake of having a valueless website, let’s get your traffic and engagement flowing.

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