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The Power of Blogging

By November 5, 2012August 12th, 2021Uncategorized

A blog can be a fantastic way to increase the brand recognition associated with your business, and allow you to stay in touch with current customers.  There are actually a multitude of benefits of having a blog, and the more you understand about these benefits, the more your blog will evolve and the better it will ultimately be.

  1. A blog will build your credibility as an expert:  Potential customers of your business want to do business with people who will both succeed in their endeavor, and are experts in their field.  By projecting a knowledgeable image regarding the challenges of the business, sharing insights which detail the services offered and discussing the potential impact of the business your blog can reach far beyond your website.  A blog is ultimately a terrific way to answer questions in an open forum, teach potential customers the basics of your business and provide tips about all that you have learned in your journey.
  2. A blog expands your “room” to talk about your business beyond “x” pages:  Having a blog allows you to provide more information about the business, the potential impact for services and a call to action.  An example using Assorted Design would be our page about marketing, which would have once been enough for any visitor to learn about our “take” on the topic.  We can expand our perceived credibility regarding marketing through every blog post, providing tips and better publicizing our offerings takes things beyond that one simple page.
  3. Your blog helps potential customers find you with search engine optimization:  One of the most difficult things anyone specializing in the creation of content runs into when dealing with SEO is this:  We often run into businesses that have minimal content on their website, but they want to compete with bigger businesses that have substantially more content.  Each blog article can and does represent a new page of searchable content.  Consider the benefit of taking your one page of content regarding a project, and supplementing that single page with ten blog articles about the project over the course of twelve weeks.  The combined power of the website page, and the blog articles, gives you eleven indexed pages discussing the goals and benefits of the product.
  4. Social media sharing:  Blog articles provide regular people the ability to share the content with their friends, family and co-workers on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Community engagement:  The social sharing promoted through the use of RSS subscriptions and social media relationships, allow a business to build a community of potential customers to be consistently marketing to.  With that ready, willing and able audience always reading it is possible for each blog article to act as a call to action.

Time is ultimately a precious commodity and, as the head of a business, there are other things you could be doing besides blogging.  Whenever you sit down to blog, ask yourself how this single article is capable of assisting your business in finding additional clients or building brand awareness.  It is necessary to always think about search engine optimization (SEO), and clarity of message.

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