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SEO Internet Marketing — Using High PR Networks Effectively

By November 7, 2012August 12th, 2021Uncategorized
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There are a lot of uninformed and misinformed people flocking around in forums. Many of them will tell you that high PR networks aren’t effective. However, the opposite is actually true: They are still very effective. I dare say that they rank in the top three of the most effective link building methods. But that said; you need to ensure that you are using them the right way. Here are things you should take note of:

1. Make Sure You are Dealing With Truly Private Networks
If you can find a high PR network by doing a search on Google, tread carefully. Run away if you can just click a button and sign up. Effective link networks are limited to only trusted friends and webmasters. If you can sign up easily, also can tattle tales. They will sell out the entire network in order to get some favors from Google. Also, check the wordings of their terms. Do they make it expressly clear that proxies of Google aren’t allowed? If they don’t have such details included then you might be putting your valuable assets at risk.

2. Make Sure They Add Real Value To The Web
It is one thing to get a link from a page that offers nothing but a link to your site and it is another thing to get a link from a page that truly engages its readers. If a site is set up to just give links out then it is doomed to fail on the long run (if NOT sooner). Apart from that, gaining links from low value pages won’t help you with branding. Believe it or NOT, people will get to those pages (If they have any capacity of giving you valuable link juice). It won’t speak well of your business if you are found on a number of spammy high PR pages. While you can’t sit back and wait for great links to just happen, it is important that you only aim for links that are from sites and pages that add value to the web (That is, if you are interested in long term SEO success).

3. Make Sure You Don’t Leave Footprints
It doesn’t matter whether you are using your own private network or are privileged to be on an effective network. Make sure you don’t do things that will leave footprints that will get your site penalized. High PR links will have the biggest impact on your ranking efforts if done right.

So what are things that leave footprints? Here are a few:

a.)  Having sites that can’t pass a human reviewer’s examination. There are sites that simply scream “I am here just to give out links.” If yours is one of them then make sure you either remove your links from such pages or adjust them accordingly.

b.)  Having a disproportionate amount of high PR links to your money site. The truth is that there are things that are simply NOT natural. You can’t have all high PR links and NOT expect to get penalized. It’s almost like sending Google mail telling them you are trying to manipulate their algorithm in your favor. Make sure you have the right mix of links — That’s what happens when links accumulate naturally (Whatever that means in the real world).

c.)  Make sure your links are always surrounded by great content. The days of useless content are gone forever. You can get away with mediocre content. However, for long term success, aim for great content.

In conclusion..
If the mere thought of handling the entire process gives you headaches, don’t worry. There are experts who live and breathe SEO. All you have to do is hand over this aspect of your business to them while you focus on what you love doing.

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