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SEO Internet Marketing — How Guest Blogging Fits In

By November 29, 2012August 12th, 2021Uncategorized
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There are many things that make for a solid SEO campaign. However, there are certain methods that do your overall marketing extra good if you know what you are doing. One of them is guest blogging. Here’s how it helps your overall marketing…

1. It Builds Your Authority
Authority is one very important thing you need if you are going to get your own share of the market. People don’t buy or do business with anyone. We’ve been trained to only do business with people we trust. And while we trust our friends and acquaintances, we also trust institutions that we see as authorities. In fact, we’ve been wired to trust these institutions more than well meaning friends.

Think about it: Whose advice would you take if you want to avoid being in the bad books of the IRS? Would you go with your beloved brother who knows nothing about accounting and tax laws or would you stick with what you CPA tells you? We all know the answer.

The same applies to your business. People will do business with you confidently if they see you as an authority in your niche. But how do you build this authority? Well, there are many ways to do this (But that’s NOT what this article is all about). However, guest blogging is definitely one of the best ways to go about it. As you submit top quality articles to sites that have authority in your niche, people start to associate you with some level of authority. The more they see you across different top blogs and sites in the niche (or related niches) the more their confidence level in you rises. They are sure you are an authority in the subject matter. This makes it easier for you do get customers — You are an authority.

2. It Builds Direct Traffic To Get Things Rolling

One of the things you need to get good those signals that determine top search engine rankings is human activity on your site. But how can you get people to your site if they don’t even know it exists? Guest blogging takes advantage of sites that already have a good flow of traffic. People get to read them as your articles are published on those high traffic sites. If they love what you’ve written (they will if you deliver top quality), they’ll click the link on your by-line to get more of you. That brings them to your site.

Now if you’ve done the right thing and placed only top quality content on your site then they are going to get engaged with your content. This will lead to likes, tweets, reblogs, comments, bookmarks and free links back to your site.

3. It Gives You Powerful Editorial Links
Now this is what you were looking for in the very first place — editorial links that will stand the test of time. Guest blogging gives you the very best of editorial links. These are links that are surrounded by top quality content. These are links on sites that have built a high level of authority over the years. These are links from sites that get a lot of social love from their readers.

One thing you can be sure of is that people will build links to your guest posts (if you’ve done them right). This means that the links coming to your site aren’t just powerful because they are on top quality sites (That’s one point). In addition, they get likes, tweets, bookmarks and free editorial links themselves. That’s what will catapult your target site to the top in search engine results. But more importantly, it will keep you safe from those frequent updates from Google.

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