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Internet Marketing — SEO And Becoming An Authority In Your Niche

By November 28, 2012August 12th, 2021Uncategorized
What Your Website Needs To Exceed

Becoming an authority in your niche has a lot of benefits: It makes it easier for you to convert your visitors to customers. It makes it a lot easier for your messages to be spread around. It also makes it a lot easier for you to get joint venture partners. The list goes on and on. But how do you become an authority while doing effective SEO?

The truth is that doing your SEO the right way will build your authority like NO other strategy. Here are things that make this happen…

1. Good SEO Demands Links From Great Sources
Everyone knows that building links is critical to top rankings. In fact, this is the single most important criterion for getting the rankings you want. However, NOT all links are created equally. Links from the most trusted sites in your niche carry more weight than links from 1000 spammy site.

So let us assume you do the right thing and decide to submit articles to the top 50 blogs or sites in your niche (or related niches). What would you get? You would get traffic from your target audience. You would also get top quality links. But more importantly, you would be seen as an expert in the niche.

How else could you be featured on the top blogs and sites in your niche if you are NOT an authority? To put it simply, those sites pass on their authority to you just by association. This happens while you are building top quality links to your site to improve your search engine ranking.

2. Good SEO Includes Social Engagement
No good SEO firm would consider their work done these days if they do NOT incorporate social signals into your link profile. But what does this have to do with building your authority? Well, if you have been putting out top quality content all over different reputable sites then you would have started a number of conversations. All you have to do is participate in those conversations. The more people see you sharing your expertise for free in response to questions, they’ll come to love and trust you more. One of the components of authority is trust. But when people love you in addition, you’ve got something even better — A beloved authority figure. This will take your business to new heights.

In Conclusion…
While these two aspects of a good SEO campaign will go a long way in building your authority, your top ranking in the search engine itself will solidify whatever gains you’ve got in the process of getting there.

People trust editorial results. They know that you didn’t pay to have Google place you in the top ten positions of their results pages. It’s almost like having the government of your community list your business as the most trusted business in the community for a particular range of products and services. What do you think such an endorsement would do for your business? Believe it or NOT, a top 3 ranking on Google for your target phrases does something similar – People have come to trust Google wholeheartedly. People believe what a trusted institution tells them. Google has become one of the most trusted institutions on the internet. So get that top ranking makes you an authority. The more the number of top rankings you are able to snatch, the higher the authority level you are associated with.

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