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How A Good Website Design Helps Your Search Engine Ranking

By October 31, 2012August 12th, 2021Uncategorized
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There are many things that help you rank higher in search engines. Is a good website design one of them? Yes, it is. Here are ways it helps:

1. Superior Navigation
SEO experts will tell you that poor site architecture would make it more difficult for you to rank for your target keywords or phrases. Apart from the fact that a poor navigation will make it difficult for your visitors to get to the pages they really need to see, it would also make it difficult for search engine bots to index as many of your pages as possible. A good website design service knows (by experience) the most effective navigation structures for search engine bots. Apart from the fact that they will ensure you have an XML site map, they’ll also place HTML site maps at strategic points on your site. This means that both human visitors and search engine robots will be able to get to all your pages easily.

2. Lower Bounce Rates
What do visitors do when they get to a website that looks like a spam site? They click away quickly. What do they do if they can’t find what they want easily? They also click away. A professional design inspires confidence in your visitors. They stick around longer and look at what you have to offer. Because your designers have taken the pains to ensure easy navigation, they can easily find what they are looking for. A great design calls attention to the most important messages you have to pass across. Therefore, your visitors are more likely to engage with your content. This keeps your bounce rate low (A high bounce rate will keep you away from the first page of search engine results).

3. Highlighting Relevant Tags
A good website design service understands the importance of different tags. They know what should be done in every particular case. For example, they will optimize your alt tags in such a way that your site will be properly positioned to attract free traffic from image searches. Furthermore, they’ll ensure that important tags like your title and description are done right. These are critical to the overall performance of your website in search results.

4. A Fast-Loading Site
It is very important that your pages load fast. It is a fact that search engines consider them to be one thing that makes for a good user experience. This means that a site that loads faster would have a higher ranking than one that doesn’t all other things being equal. However, you may NOT know how to go about this unless you are a professional designer (This is usually the case for media-rich sites).

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