Jul 23, 2020

So you have made the decision to create a Facebook page for your business, or perhaps you want to leverage your existing Facebook page. Well, since we know that Facebook is home to close to 1.5 billion active users each month, we think that you are making a brilliant move.

But if you believe you can just slam one together and expect leads and clients to roll-In, you have another thing coming. The chances of generating new customers from Facebook are slim if you are not building a Facebook page with the potential to garner attention, get liked and get engaged with. Take a look at at the tips below to make sure that you are establishing the kind of page that will succeed.

What is a Facebook Page?

A page is like a specialized profile designed for businesses. Personal profiles have friends, and pages have “Likes.”

The person or people who run the Facebook page are called administrators. Each person needs their own personal Facebook account if they want to run a page.

Don’t create a personal profile for your business.

We have come across business owners who create personal profiles for businesses, do not do this.

Do post photos and videos to your Timeline.

All visual content has become a requirement of social media channels.

Do determine the timing & frequency for your posts.

If you do not post frequently enough, you will not look as reliable or authentic. We recommend starting with 3 posts per week.

Do pin important posts to the top of your page.

Sometimes, you might want a post to stay at the top of your page. Facebook offers the ability to “pin” one post. To pin a post, click on the drop-down arrow in the top-right corner of a post on your page, & click ‘Pin to Top.’

Do decide whether you want Facebook fans to message you privately.

If you want your fans to be able to privately message, have someone like us enable messages.

Do Monitor and respond to comments on your page.

You can monitor & respond to comments via the ‘Notifications’ tab at the very top of your page. We can help if a situation looks like it could get out of control.

Do promote your page to generate more followers.

You can create an ad promoting your Page. To do that, click the three dots at the top menu bar above your posts & select “Create Ad.”

Do measure the success of your Facebook efforts.

You can dig into your Page’s Insights, which allow you to track Facebook-specific engagement metrics.

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