Mar 26, 2018

The ability to publish short videos ranging from 6 to 30 seconds has become integral to online marketing. Internet users now expect videos to appear regularly, and YouTube hosts more videos than any other platform. The site boasts 400 hours of video upload every minute, meaning it is obviously an excellent place for marketers to speedily present video to potential consumers. YouTube’s reach is wide too, with it being reported by social media users as the second most visited social media platform. Frequency of visits, speed and ease of upload do matter, but YouTube is also a popular powerhouse because it:

  • Initiated the viral video phenomenon
  • Allows each user or business entity to host a personalized channel
  • Provides a channel owner or analyst a simple way to keep track of analytics.

The truth is that YouTube may feel like a strange new world, but it is one you need to take by storm. All efforts you take on the platform can aid your paid search and social media efforts. Digital marketing acts like a funnel and all aspects of the process interact with one another. To learn more about YouTube marketing or establish a YouTube marketing campaign make a call to Assorted Design at 1-800-975-6577.

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