Dec 12, 2012

Many businesses just focus on acquiring new customers without doing anything to turn their existing customers into fans. What they do NOT understand is that doing this would help them make more money from repeat sales (That’s apart from the fact that it would bring in more business just by word-of-mouth promotions). So how do you go about turning those customers into raving fans?

1. Over-Deliver On The Promise
Every business can make promises when they are looking to get the sale. However, very few can actually over-deliver. Yes, many just work hard to deliver what they’ve promised. Those who go a step farther by doing more than they promised are very likely to have very happy customers. And you know what? Happy customers easily convert to fans.

2. Make Sure You Provide Excellent Support
Can you remember the last time you encountered a company with poor customer support? How did you feel when you had to be sent from pillar to post just to get one question answered? How did you feel when it was obvious their support staff weren’t adequately trained and so did NOT understand your problem well enough to get it resolved as quickly as possible? You were turned off. Are you likely to do business with such a firm again? I doubt so.

But how did you feel when you met with support staff that resolved your challenge in minutes because they were well trained and knowledgeable? How did you feel when they went out of their way to ensure everything worked just fine? How did you feel when they called back a few days later just to find out if everything was still ok?

Now I know that many businesses do NOT go the extra mile to call back later to check on you and to ensure everything is fine. But that’s something that would turn normal customers into raving fans. Call them to check if everything is still working as it should and be willing to make their lives as easy as possible and you will win their hearts.

3. Show Them You Really Care About Them
The truth is that people love dealing with people who truly care about them. Technology has NOT changed that (and will NOT). How would you feel if you get a birthday present from a company you did business with sometime last year? “Wow, so they still remember me,” you’ll say. That single act will raise them above competitors who do NOT show as much interest in you.

So make out time to brainstorm ways to show that tender loving care (without breaking your budget). Remember that little things count for much in building a relationship? Let’s assume you run a restaurant: You could easily find out their wedding anniversary and give them a special anniversary discount to mark this special day. Depending on how loyal they are as customers, you can arrange a surprise dinner for them. After all, you are making an investment into a customer who would keep buying from you for years.

4. Make Them Look Good Before Their Friends
Make them look good before their friends. How do you do that? Give their friends special discounts and add something like “Special discount for John’s friends.” Get creative. What would make you look good before your friends? What would make your employees look good before their friends? Ask questions and you’ll get a lot of tips that will transform your business.

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