Mar 05, 2018

The whole team has been there. You managed to snap a fantastic photo, found it did not need a filter, uploaded it to your business account and now you are impatiently waiting for the likes to hit your feed. The feeling you get when content is well-received is not easily matched. The trick is that you would like that feeling to be consistent.

That being said, getting other people to interact with your Instagram content is not always a simple matter of uploading a new photo and hanging it up for the night. You need to understand how to properly promote your account to reach the largest audience possible. There is 800 million people on Instagram and finding the perfect way to capture the attention of a prospect can result in long-term success.

The tough part is taking advice and learning which simple tips can help you find Instagram success. There is no need to be a PR expert, just try to implement a couple of tips to cultivate your Instagram account:

Make your Instagram name short and memorable:

The customers you help and the people you work with should know that they can find you on Instagram with a speedy search. Your job is to make the search painless. Try to avoid going by multiple names across multiple platforms. You should try to keep social media handles consistent and simple by employing these practices:

  • Keep your username short and easy to spell
  • Use a single custom name across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Opt to use an evergreen username
  • Stay true to who your company “is”
  • Do not use special characters or numbers, unless one of these is included in your business name.

Take advantage of Instagram’s functionality

The platform has turned into a required social network for marketing professionals. Young audiences visit Instagram to interact and engage with brands. Users are encouraged to share, like, tag friends, add comments and even find strategically placed links to new products. The one of a kind visual appeal of the app also helps push engagement, because it makes the video or photo the attention grabber, rather than written content.

Never stop experimenting with Instagram

The continued growth of Instagram means that your brand would be silly not to stake its claim! Visual content will continue to dominate social media platforms, so you should choose to act now!

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