What can you do if your online reputation has been damaged, either by your own mistakes or the hands of other people? Here are a few strategies that can be applied to both businesses and individuals.

  • If you have a problematic past, be it with a mugshot on the web or a customer care policy at work, let any person who may be Googling you know what is out there. You need to break the news, explain facts that are associated with the Google results and provide your proactive plan for combatting the negative online information. Make sure that you avoid lying about the facts.
  • If there is a mistake that you are responsible for, it pays to be willing to take your lumps and confess any participation and apologize. It does not pay to allow your pride a role in the events, because it will make you look oblivious and potentially angry if you are not careful.
  • If you have posted something that is questionable to a social media account, you need to remove it fast! When questionable content appears on the social media account of a friend, or on another website, you can ask politely if they will remove the material. There is no guarantee that they will pull a risqué story from the web, but a reputation repair plan can approach any remaining articles with the production of a series of new positive articles.
  • The most reliable way to overcome negative information that is plastered on the web is to work with the team from Assorted Design to create unique content to drive the bad stuff down in search engine rankings. Even your worst enemy will stop his or her Google search at page eight, while potential clients and employers will tend to stop their search at page three of Google. Creating a robust content creation approach will guarantee that the top results will be the results that you want people to see. Google loves videos, and will rank them highly. A traditional blog, if the team from Assorted Design updates it frequently, is also very friendly to the search engines. Creating accounts on social media platforms also helps, because social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are viewed as credible by all search sites. The team from Assorted Design also highly recommends that you pay attention to the power of the press, and trust us when we are willing to publish even a minor accomplishment as a press release.